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Shea Moisture - Shampoo that defends to the very ends

Shea Moisture Frizz Defense Shampoo, the root of clean smooth hair.

Sweet smelling, shine giving and gloriously clean hair is a shampoo away, my hair was so soft and easy to style, it also held the curl for longer, without dropping out. I've found this shampoo keeps my scalp very clean and my hair light and not weighed down with products. This is a cleanser for hair, although colour safe, I did notice a change to my colour, it lightened the shade, but the sheen was incredible and my hair looked and felt so soft and healthy.
My only issue was the consistency, this is very watery, I lost so much with each shampoo, even shaking the bottle made little difference, once aware I was more careful applying the product, but, it still ran through my fingers. I finally applied it from the bottle directly to my head, ensuring all the shampoo made it to my hair. Besides that, this is a great option if you're looking for a sulphate free hair care range, there is something for everyone and hair is left in such beautiful condition, why wouldn't you want to try it!

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