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Balance Active Formula Vitamin C Power Serum - by the power of skincare!

Balance Active Formula Vitamin C Power Serum is the skin care version of a long term monetary investment.

Award winning, brightly packaged, this is one product that shouts from the rooftops, everything you want to know is on the box, no annoying light-weight leaflet that the dog can eat in one gulp, it's happened!
Balance Active Formula has me back on the Vitamin C road again, after a sabbatical, yes I've dabbled with others, but, my twenties were all about the Vitamin c and then I stopped seeing the changes, I aged, you know, birthdays kind of do that to you.
Packaging, perfect for travel, a light-weight plastic bottle and a pipette, my favourite way to use oils and serums.
This is a rich oil with a warm citrus smell, the texture blends into the skin leaving no trace.
Using a complex blend of stabilised Vitamin C, Zinc PCA - this helps moisturise and regulate sebum production and Oleuropein, found in olive leaf, these together form 'Illumiscin', which works to reduce the appearance of age spots thereby creating a brighter smoother skin, fight free radicals and boost collagen production.

I worked this into my morning and evening routine, it slots in perfectly and the texture gave a smooth surface to my skin. I wasn't expecting any immediate changes, I have found that some products are worth investing your time in, this was easy to use, it felt nice and light to apply and didn't cause any issues, so, why stop using it? Over a month and using it mainly as part of my morning routine, I began to notice that certain patches of dark on my face, near my eyes, had lessened, subtle, but it was clear to me that the area was brighter, again around my chin area, after nearly 6 weeks, I noticed my skin tone was lighter, more natural and a dark area less obvious.
Using oil textures have been my preferred consistency of a product for many years, I like them over moisturisers, I found this worked well for me, alone, I didn't always need to use a moisturiser, but when I did, it gave me soft smooth skin. I like the subtlety of texture, the warm citrus scent and overall behind the scenes efforts of this product. Time is the key.
Balance Active Formula has this priced at £10.99, or £2.99 at Fragrance Direct here, exceptional, skincare that is affordable and with patience gave me visible results.

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