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FARMACY - Green Clean Cleansing Balm

Will I ever be over my addiction of cleansing balms, I have a favourite, but, can be easily tempted when something hovers on the horizon, a case in point is Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm, I had no self-control with this, it had to be mine.

Using new skincare products and then reviewing them is a long process, I like 6 - 8 weeks plus before I feel I have a fairly good idea of my thoughts and the results I see on my skin to form a balanced review. This can still change but, it's a good time scale to allow any issues to either be dealt with or to stop using the product. So, to shake things up a little, I am going to write introductory posts on products, not all, just a little this is what I am using and then the full review will appear on my blog or YouTube channel, or both.
The Farmacy cleanser is one of those products that I just 'needed' to write about, I have used it once when I write this and it was skincare luxury, from the packaging, the spatula provided, the scent of the product to the actual experience of the product on my skin.
Farmacy is a combination of good old-fashioned plant knowledge and cutting edge technology. The pioneer of the brand, Mark Veeder discovered and patented a variant of the Echinacea Purpurea known as Echinacea GreenEnvy, using farm cultivated ingredients and scientific knowledge they have a range of high performing and effective skincare products. 

My first experience using this balm was a 'wow' moment, unscrewing the lid and seeing the thoughtful protective lid that also housed the spatula showed the value, effort and thought behind the product. It is far more hygienic than sticking fingers into a pot of skincare.
Then the balm itself, green, a healthy looking colour, the colour that says 'clean', this collects in ripples as the spatula eases through it like butter and the scent, it really is fresh and uplifting, divine on every level. 

Rich, greasy in a good balm way, lifted my makeup with ease, even my eye makeup. It feels lighter than many balms I have used previously, the sorbet of the cleansing balm world. 
Inhale the scent and massage around the face and down the neck, it feels luxurious.
I used a cloth to remove the balm, sadly, this is one item I feel would add to the presentation, their own cloth.
The balm lifts away easily, there is no residue, skin is clean and smooth and my goodness does it feel clean. I actually didn't really need to follow with a second cleanse, which is the normal routine for me in the evening. My skin was clean, if I had to be picky, mascara was visible still but, I am talking tiny specks that only the horror of a magnifying mirror can show. But, all makeup does need to be removed, so I did follow with a cleansing oil. 
As this was my first use of the cleansing balm I feel it says everything that I really wanted to share the love I already have for this product, there is always room for another cleansing balm in the skincare world and this one has jumped in right at the top, I expect beauty awards aplenty to be heading to Farmacy. 

Further reviews will appear on my blog and YouTube channel at a later date. 

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