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BEAUTY PIE - a slice of pie, anyone?

Beauty Pie is my slice of addictive makeup and skincare love, a subscription service with a difference.

This sideways and honest take on beauty is the brainchild of Marcia Kilgore, think Bliss spa, Soap & Glory and Soaper Duper - this is one lady who knows beauty inside and out. 
Beauty Pie offers a vast and ever-expanding selection of makeup, skincare and accessories which with a subscription you pay only production line prices. The website is definitely worth a look, all variants of subscription are explained and you won't regret it, check it out here!

Quality, that was my first impression of the presentation of the products ordered and the products themselves. For £10 a month I could choose products to the retail value of £100, on one occasion I used my allowance and had 5 items in the basket that came to £28, production cost price, if I had bought these at retail prices it would have been my full allowance of £100.  

The products offered are sourced from all over the world, in my mind products could be sourced from the laboratory or factory that your favourite high-end bronzer comes from, without the label, well, that knocks the cost down. 

I have a quite the selection now, cleansers, primer, bronzer - this was almost identical to a very popular bronzer that was released from a highly regarded brand, eyeshadow stick, concealer - which is just about the best I have, complexion palette, all have been superb, I haven't had one item that feels anything other than luxury. The skincare range is ever expanding, so, that'll be next when I'm ready for new 'stuff'. 
Beauty is very much packaging led, a pretty compact, a name that has decades of adoration behind it and we rarely query the cost. Beauty Pie may not have interlocking initials and a vast history but it lives in the real world, beauty makes money and slap a famous name or cosmetic house on the lid and you can up the price by £20, £30 pounds. This is the bare bones of beauty retail, you have the product without the expensive coat it comes wrapped in, a quality product at a sensible price, who says quality has to have a hefty price tag?

Go on, have a slice of pie, it's a beauty.

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