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Jane Scrivner - Skin Elixir - the holy grail in a bottle

The Jane Scrivner, Skin Elixir, all my skincare dreams in one bottle, a moisturiser that is an oil consistency, all the love for this.

I have often suggested that I would choose facial oils over moisturisers if I had to pick, this Skin Elixir from Jane Scrivner gives me the best of both worlds and the consistency is pure skin luxury.
The colour of expensive olive oil, you know, the one where you buy it for the bottle rather than the quality oil, that colour. It is sunshine housed in a pump dispenser bottle and I love that you can see the amount of product left in the bottle. One pump of this 98% organic jojoba oil with 2% natural essential oils works over my face and neck, it is rich, beautifully smelling and leaves a dewy finish to the skin. I incorporate this into my morning and evening routine, perfect for those very cold days of Winter when you have to face the elements, your skin will thank you for this. If you prefer a more matte finish to the skin, then this I would use in the evening or add a mattifying primer to your daytime routine, it makes my makeup look fantastic, but I like a glow to my skin and makeup, this is all about the glow, dewiness is in abundance.

Although rich, this is a gentle and delicate product, it aims to improve the elasticity and also balance out dry, dehydrated and oily skin, using the anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and soothing lavender, myrrh, sandalwood, eucalyptus, frankincense, lemongrass, ylang-ylang and sweet orange.
This has been not only one of my favourite brands of 2017 but, one of my favourite products, my skin loves oil products and this really brings out a healthy natural glow, it looks at its best and fits perfectly into my morning and evening routine, it just works and I have no issues using it with other products. The elixir is a beauty secret that needs shouting about.

Please note, this is the old packaging of the Skin Elixir, the new is still a pump dispenser but without a lid. 

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