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Maybelline, festive pout with Superstay Matte Ink Lip Colours

Lipsticks are not just for Christmas but, from my experience, people are more experimental as the festive season approaches and some will even wear a red lip! Also, there can be a lot of frivolities, eating, drinking and merriment, there is nothing more frustrating than a statement lipstick wearing off, smearing or transferring to cups and glasses, so, matte consistencies are often a great option. Maybelline Superstay Matte Inks may be the answer to help you pout your way through Christmas, into the New Year and beyond.

Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink's are a kaleidoscope of colours, they are the adult version of crayons in a box, you open it and don't know which to use first, they are all gorgeous.
Before we look at the colours let's talk texture, unusually for a matte product this is very creamy and easy to blend as you apply to the lips. The doe foot, arrow-shaped applicator works well on its side to draw the lip line if you don't use a lipliner, which I didn't feel my lips needed, too many matte layers. So, draw the lip shape with the applicator on its side and then use it flat, the normal way, to add the stunning colour to the lips. 
This is where the Matte Inks come into their own, you have plenty of work time to get the colour blended and perfected before it changes to a matte, but, non-drying texture. The colours are so strongly pigmented, they are a glorious lip statement, the colours I have were stunning on the lips, each stood out and was true to the colour in the tube.
Maybelline Superstay, that's what it says and that's exactly what you get, these inks are there to stay, all day, through eating, drinking, talking and more eating, they do not budge. There isn't a smear, a fade in colour, not a movement and don't even imagine that a delicate tissue or a kiss on Santa's cheek is going to remove any of that matte ink, oh no. 
So, you've wowed with your stunning lip colour, the day is over and rather than wearing the matte ink for a week, because, not even my cleansing routine made much of a difference, you will find a bi-phase eye makeup remover is the perfect accompaniment for your lips, it lifts the colour and doesn't leave the lips dry, so, you can wear another striking shade the next day and the next, because once you've inked with attitude once, you'll not want to stop.

Let's talk Escapist, this is the 1920's, flapper girl, Theda Bara, Gloria Swanson, it's all about the lips and I love this colour so much. The depth is astounding, a black red, this needs time to apply, the colour builds and when finished you have a pout to be proud of. A great choice if you're attending a black-tie event and want a change from the standard red lip. Equally, a great colour just to wear because you can. 

Heroine a coral red, leaning very much to the orange, this I feel will really stand out during the Summer months when I have colour and the light is softer. Coral shades and warmer months work well. However, I still loved this shade and it has an intensity that makes it all about the colour. This works perfectly with a softer makeup, peachy shades and a little bronzer around the face and hairline.

Creator, this blue-toned mauve/purple shade has depth, the colour payback is strong, layering this gives a great finish to the lips. A complete change from safe nudes or intense reds, this stands alone, it does need either a purple mascara or a more intense blusher than I have worn in the above photo to really bring the shade out. This would be great with a petrol blue eyeshadow, smokey and not precise, it would make the lipstick look amazing. 

Pioneer is everything that is gorgeous to me, a red lipstick, blue toned and long lasting, I ask for nothing more. This stunning shade is the perfect red, I wear it all the time, going shopping, opening the front door to my unsuspecting postman, it is perfection.  This is my Christmas Red, ho ho ho

Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink lip colours are insanely pigmented, creamy and blendable before drying down to incredible colour payback and longevity like no other product I have used. 

You can find Maybelline here at Superdrug
and here at Boots
and their own website here

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