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BEAUTY PIE || Burning the Candle At Both Ends

Candles, I have yet to find a friend who doesn't like a good smelly candle, I personally have spent years collecting candles for decorative purposes and burning also. As a teenager, my bedroom and nostrils were filled with the fumes of burning wax and my ears were ringing with the concerns of my mother, over the fire hazards littering my bedroom. I did once singe my hair, the stench was horrific and I briefly stopped the candle lighting procedure on entering my bedroom. 
And now...

I love my candles, they generally remain unlit, as I went from fire cautious parents to a husband convinced they make him, cough, sneeze, breathe oddly and generally sit on his chest! - The minute he's out of the door, I run around the house lighting every damn one until I am overwhelmed with scent. 
Beauty Pie had been tempting me for months with their select range of candles and finally, I went for sexy fig, this has to be one of the best-scented candles I have ever bought. 
Unlit, the scent floats around the room, I do move it around as I love to be aware of it. Lit, the Sexy Fig is more subtle scent, sweet with a warmth that flickers around, occasionally making its presence felt. 
Simplicity is the key, this 190g mineral wax candle is housed in an opaque glass jar, one that will be recycled and used for makeup brushes. I do feel having the jars in various shades to match the outer packaging would have been delightful, but, it would also take the cost up further and Beauty Pie is about saving you money. That said, the candle is beautiful, rich, warm and a scent I find uplifting, with 50 hours burn time and the scent being created in the birth place of perfumery, Grasse, how could this not light up my world?

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