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DHC - ASTAXANTHIN - protect your skin

DHC Astaxanthin Collagen Gel has a few surprises in store...

A gel cream, I was thrilled that this leans towards more the creamy texture than gel, it's a consistency I just don't particularly like. This Jaffa orange cream is rich and fast absorbing, it does leave a subtle film over the face, not sticky, more a glow, which I prefer from my creams. 
Astaxanthin is a natural anti-oxidant which is found in salmon and believed to be 6000 times more active than Vitamin C, the cream also contains lactic acid, royal jelly and hydrolysed collagen.
This Astaxanthin is derived from freshwater algae, the green variety, it fights UV aggressors, pollution and nurtures the skin to be at it's best. 

I was eager to try this as I had used a similar product a few years ago and loved it. My skin responds to rich textures and I love the look of my makeup. It gives a great base and because my skin glows I find I use far less makeup. The most noticeable aspect of this product on my skin was how smooth my skin felt once Astaxanthin had been applied, it reminded me of plastering a wall, smoothing over the rough patches and leaving a flat, smooth surface behind, not that it is obvious, skin just looks and feels great. 
Combining some impressive ingredients this is a great option if you like your skincare to fight the daily aggressors of pollution and sun damage. It's also hard working for your skin, improving hydration and elasticity.
DHC continue to bring a select choice of effective products for the skin, start as you mean to go on and grab a pot of Astaxanthin here

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