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Lime and Lilac Neroli & Frankincense Facial Oil

Once Upon A Time in the land of Insta and Gram, there was a very clever and beautiful lady who created a magical oil, she spent a long time studying the best potions and lotions to make this so special and put up with a lot of know-it-alls, who, it turned out, didn't know that much! Then one bright and sunny day, a parcel arrived at the house of the writer of this story, in it was a bottle, a bottle holding the magical oil. The writer ran, which doesn't happen often, unless chocolate is half price at the supermarket, took all her colours from her face so she could apply Lime & Lilac, Neroli and Frankincense Facial Oil.

My love of oils is well known and it is rare that I ever feel disappointment in any, some may not be as champion as others, but, generally, oils are my 'thing'. Neroli especially is a huge favourite and over the years I have found that blends of neroli and frankincense work a damn treat for my skin, so, you can imagine my complete delight when the gorgeous Lisa, of Lime & Lilac fame, asked if I would like to sample her firstborn skincare facial oil, before its launch.
So, my initial thoughts, well, I think I hyperventilated and then sent a tirade of adoration in the form Instagram messages to Lisa about my complete and utter admiration of the oil and its willingness to pool into my hand like the best honey straight from the honeycomb.
So what you ask was so good about this concoction of neroli, frankincense and other skin-friendly ingredients? Where to begin, the consistency of the oil was something that I was compelled to message Lisa about almost immediately, it was the most luxurious, skin-hugging juice I had ever used, think glue, in a good and useful way, it clung to my skin, this doesn't mean it lingers, it absorbs and blends easily into the skin, for my skin it leaves a glow, which I prefer. The aroma is sweet, warm with a spicy bite of Frankincense. Neroli has for decades cared for my combination/oily skin, it's anti-inflammatory, bacterial and antiseptic properties have made this one of my favourites. Frankincense was a later love of mine, the Wise Men may have had greater skincare knowledge than we give them credit for, this oil helps keep my skin in the best condition, not only is it a great healer, ideal if you're an acne sufferer but, it moisturises and dilutes those fine lines. My new favourite, think The Jungle Book and sing Prickly Pear, this is fast becoming the "it" ingredient in skincare, it supports cell renewal, fades dark spots, moisturises, nourishes, it is also classed as a fruit and a vegetable plus it's one of the most expensive oils used in beauty, with the fatty acids, vitamins, Lime and Lilac has blended a top quality, handmade, 100% natural oil.

My skin embraces this oil, the condition and texture of my skin are tellingly clearer, brighter with a natural healthy look, my makeup sits better on the face and I always feel an oil gives me my skin, but, better. It can be the tiniest thing, but, I know my skin, obviously, and it just lights up when I apply this golden fluid. I've said before certain oils make my skin sigh in satisfaction, this makes my skin sigh, take the weight off its feet and relax back in the knowledge that it's in for a treat.  Light-weight, but, you feel it, experience it and embrace every drop, for me, that is a great oil. Ideal for all skin types, it fits into morning and evening routines, I would happily give up moisturisers every time when oils like this beauty exist. Lime & Lilac Neroli and Frankincense oil are one of a few I have that I will apply at night and not feel I need to work it with a serum underneath and cream over the top, it's hard working, light-weight and effective. My faith in Lisa and her creation have never wavered, I believe that a product bought after a sample is tried gives an indication of how well a product has worked for a person, think I may need a spare!

I highly recommend you check out Lisa's website here, where she explains her journey in making her first facial oil. Her trials and tribulations of stripping her skin with AHA's, manual exfoliation etc, we all do it and think it's right, but, sometimes pairing the routine back is all that the skin requires, that and a facial oil. From her experience, Lisa has created something rather special, she also sports the most gorgeous skin and I have hair envy too!

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