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FLOWER & SPICE - and all things nice

Flower&Spice Midnight Beauty Rich Revitalising Serum, skincare that takes you on a journey from the first drop.

 FlowerSpice has a tale to tell and far be it for me to repeat the words of the creator of the brand, Karmen Novak, check out the inspiring story here and how this nightly beauty elixir started a brand that embraces the restorative power of nature, blending ingredients that offer skincare at its best.
Flower & Spice Midnight Beauty is no pumpkin after the clock strikes 12, it is after 20+ years of buying, using and applying serums one that made me stop for quite some time and inhale, yes, the first drop, literally made me stop, I am so used to using skincare that I appreciate it briefly and then carry on applying, but this, this is the melody before the crescendo of the application to the skin. This is the moment stood alone on a beach, waves lapping the shingled shore and you have all the time, you breathe as if it is your first breath, sigh, and hold the moment in your heart, no photograph can replicate the stillness, the uniqueness of that moment and that is exactly what that one drop, in the palm of my warm hand did to me. A scent I have never experienced, it had age to it, it felt familiar, it was comforting, relaxing and the release of any angst was instant.
Honestly, I know I can exude love for all manner of serums and oils, I adore skincare, but, like a good book, you have keepers, the one that goes on the bookshelf to be returned to time and time again, this Flower & Spice Revitalising Serum is my skincare version of my much loved Jane Austen's, Persuasion, may it always be to hand.
Now, after I've exhausted you with my declarations of delight at this 30ml, packed to the rafters with plant oils, serum, I should explain what I loved about it and why!

 The consistency is syrupy, it's going on your face and not pooling out of your hands into the sink below, you have control of it. One drop blends over my entire face, considering that my face/head has its own orbit, that's quite a considerable surface area to cover, it blends, smooths and oozes over my face. Here I must mention again, the scent, it's a warm nutty scent, green, you know, that foliage scent, it has depth a well of something floral and fruity, not overpowering, it's a woolly jumper that you keep going back to, it releases such affection, yet, I know, I have never smelled anything like this before.
This serum accommodates some of my favourite plant oils, Jojoba, Evening Primrose, prickly pear, sunflower, argan, apricot, plum, bergamot, coriander and rose, all blended together to give you this luxurious serum that softens the skin, you feel it almost immediately, that soft almost bounce to the skin, like a marshmallow sweet.  With very temperamental skin, I embrace anything soothing, Coriander keeps my irritative skin balanced, so many of the oils hydrate and refine the skin, it is continuously smooth, calmed and even my occasional dehydrated areas that visit have not dared to appear since this beauty has been in use. 

Midnight Beauty it is, sinking in throughout the evening, wrapping you warmly in its scent and by morning, you have refreshed skin. For anyone like myself with fragmented skin, I have lumps, bumps, red patches, which can at times be very calm and can also be very aggressive, I generally find that plant oils in skincare ease the worst, the redness lessens and my skin looks the better for it, I'm not purporting it is the answer to all your woes, but, beautiful skincare like this makes my skin the best it can be and then some, it soothes, calms and balances my skin.
If you wish to treat yourself to something nice, then take a look at Flower & Spice

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