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Josh Wood Shade Shot Plus - getting the tone just right!

A Christmas tradition, well, it may not be everyone's idea of a festive habit, but, colouring my hair before I start thinking about stuffing the turkey and scoring the Brussel sprouts is essential. Josh Wood launched his home hair colouring products this year and it is the best system I have used, so, imagine my delight when the lovely Josh Wood Team sent my their latest product, Shade Shot Plus.

Aside from the fabulous hair colouring system, you need to watch the following YouTube videos, including my how I colour my hair with the system here & here. In November the Josh Wood team launched the Shade Shot Plus Range, giving each person their own personalised tone without any compromise on the coverage of any grey. 
Shade Shot Plus is a range of four pigments that work intuitively to give hair tone where it's needed, basically, you get salon hair in the comfort of your own home. 
The four tones comprise of two for brunettes and two for blondes, I received Smoky which is cool pigment and Chestnut which is a warm chocolate pigment, both suited to my brunette locks, with a vast amount of grey adorning my scalp. 

Firstly, the above picture shows you the full hair colouring kit, with the Chestnut Brunette Shade Shot Plus so you can see the packaging, although in this instance I used the cool tone Smoky pigment as part of the process. Once you've taken product A and added it to the bottle marked B, you just add your shade shot to the base mix

 and shake well. The home kit comes with barrier cream, salon grade gloves, useful stain removal wipes and glossy hair giving conditioner, every detail has been thought of. 
Leave for 30 minutes, I iron, this a good consistency, so no unwanted drips down the face onto the cream carpet, another tick for this brand. 


The before, well, you can see the grey, my hair gets quite lacklustre when I leave it a long time between colouring, it just looks bland and very dull.

 I've mentioned in previous posts that the Josh Wood Home Colouring Hair system is the only one I've used that doesn't irritate or sting my scalp at all (always do a patch test), I find it gives my hair life, stunning colour and a shine like no other, with the added pigment, well, I was thrilled to see varying tones, it had a cool gloss to the finished look. 
I leave my hair to air dry, so the initial photo is of wet hair, but you can see the colour quite clearly and the lack of grey, I find the Josh Wood range doesn't accentuate the grey areas as many box dyes can, they can make grey look stark and very obvious. You can see the cool brown tones that catch the light and it looked even better when my hair was dried. 

This gives a great example of the Smoky Brunette Shade Shot Plus pigments, as the light hits the hair there is a charcoal glossy finish to the hair. I used the shade 5.0 in the main hair colouring kit, which is Light Brown, I do find the shades go dark on my hair, but, I am fairly dark, well, in the areas I am not grey!
With the added pigment, the hair has more life and sheen, the tones give you a natural look and unlike most off the shelf dyes, hair is not a flat colour. 

For a total of £15, you can have salon hair, achieved easily in your own home, the Main Base box colour is £10, this includes the colour, activator, salon gloves, barrier cream, stain removing wipe and conditioning treatment. 
The Shade Shot Plus range is £5, with four tones to choose from, each box explains clearly how to use the products and which tone works best with the colour you choose.
As we go 'hairing' along into the festive season, get to the 'root' of the problem, tailor your tone, give your hair that shot of a personal touch and get ahead this Christmas. 

Josh Wood products can be purchased online here
In Boots stores, or online at Boots here 

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