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Emma Hardie Plump & Glow Hydrating Facial Mist

Have You 'Mist' Me? [ad/pr]

Emma Hardie, so good they should have named it twice, my years of adoration for the cleanser are well known, I actually think I have bored people with my constant 'have you tried, you'll love it, what do you mean you use wipes?' conversations. Continuing on the skincare and hydration theme, Plump & Glow Hydrating Facial Mist gives you a misting that boosts and protects.

Emma Hardie Plump & Glow Hydration Facial Mist presents in a 90ml tube with spray application, very chic and lightweight, great to carry around for those times you need to refresh your skin or makeup, the mist is so fine it won't spoil anything.
Shake and spray, it fits into both my morning and evening routines, smells of the cleanser, I love brands that have a signature scent, this feels comforting.
Apply to the skin before using skin care products, use over makeup and it's a nice relaxing mist to apply just before you sleep, I find it cooling, soothing and super relaxing.

This mist packs a powerful blend of ingredients that hydrate, protect with an anti-pollution formula, that provides a second skin to the cells creating a barrier from pollution, and boost the skin. Hyaluronic acid & wild watermelon keeps hydration at a premium, it helps with my dehydrated areas on the face, aloe vera soothes, velvet flower gives the skin an instant softness and this mist contains an invisible colour corrector, that may balance out redness, it also has shine control, so you go from greasy to glowy in a spritz.
For me, I love the lightness of the mist, the scent as I have mentioned, it's versatile in my routine, I find it very cooling and soothing when used as part of my skincare routine. As a rosacea sufferer, I will mention that this mist does contain fragrance, I have had no issues from using this, no signs of irritation, but, I am careful and therefore use this every other day. My red areas I have not noticed any colour correction, but, I do notice softer skin and certainly dehydrated patches are not as obvious with this. 
Misting over my makeup I see it looking fresher and it gives a glow back when I'm at the end of a day, the mist certainly gives me luminosity. 
It is always nice to have the time to have many bottles and jars of products to aid our skin, but, Emma Hardie Plump & Glow hydrating facial mist gives you a plethora of ingredients that combine to give you a quick skincare boost, solving many problems in one misting. 

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