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 The world of skincare has changed so much for me, recently, I have stepped away from essential oils, fragrance as an ingredient isn't as terrible a baddy as I had expected, but, I have also been less willing to just 'chuck' products at my face. My caution has meant that just the word scrub has me worried that my sensitive skin will turn red at the very thought of dermabrasion, this pot, was a pleasant and effective surprise. 

MGC Derma worked magic.

Used once a week, this creamy fresh scented derma scrub sloughs away dead skin cells without causing any irritation on my skin, enriched with cannabidiol which cleans the skin and then encourages repair whilst enriching and moisturising. 
The finest diamond and pearl powder is hidden within the scrub, impossible to see and very delicate when applying a layer to my skin, you're aware of the grains, but, 'scrub' is a strong word for a delicate cream that feels like the lightest granules are sprinkled within, it certainly isn't abrasive. It gives the lightest exfoliation over my face and neck and leaves my skin brighter, less sluggish and certainly gives a better surface to apply skincare on after the treatment. 
I have learnt to be less 'rough and ready' with my skin, I massage rather than 'rub', I press and pat over areas of concern and the last couple of months, this MGC Dermabrasion has given me a better, clearer and less tired skin, I haven't missed any acids or exfoliants, this pot has been my only go too and it's been the pot that keeps giving. 

With the support of hyaluronic acid for moisture, vitamin E and C, the stem cells of the title refers to meristem cells which are plant-based and gives environmental protection, my skin has accepted this and it's enabled products to work even better after using the scrub, no fighting their way through dead skin cells. 
This once a week treat is one of the gentlest, but, most effective scrubs I have used on my face.

Find MGC here 

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