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The Somerset Toiletry Company - Verbena heaven - pr

The Somerset Toiletry Company made my post one of the most scented recently, a divine, rich warm Verbena fragrance filled the hallway and I just had to write about this before I have even used a squeeze of hand cream, lit the candle or even unwrapped the perfectly wrapped soap.

There is always a delight when a scent lifts the spirits and really imbues the home, I adore Verbena and this array of products truly extended that love. The Somerset Toiletry Company announce their products to be exquisitely made and honestly priced, with dedication in sourcing the very best ingredients to develop these 'happy' scents, lotions and potions. Natural extracts are used where possible, many of the ranges are paraben free and SLS free, the company are strongly against animal testing and do not sell into China.
With the manufacturing of products widespread over many countries, this enables price points to vary and offer something for everyone. Check out further details and lot's of interesting posts about the brand and the products here 

I have eagerly applied the hand cream, there is something about a foil/metal packaged luxury hand cream that makes it even more satisfying, it is gloriously rich, soothing, the scent zesty and refreshing, this is one for the bedside table, the pleasure of the texture and the scent will encourage me to keep on top of my neglected hands.
I'm rather partial to a lovely 'proper' milled bar of soap, I often sneak them from the guest bathroom and hope to goodness hubby doesn't use them, as I leave them sitting on my sink to make hand washing that little bit extra special.
Candles, well, you know my love for a 'delicious' candle and this is so fresh and zesty, made with plant wax and infused with Verbena, well, I feel properly full of Verbena love.

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