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When VICHY come calling, I'm listening, a favourite brand of mine because they offer products that work for my skin.
Liftactiv Specialist Peptide-C Anti-Age Ampoules certainly had my attention, Vitamin C, hydration, brightness and revitalized skin, all there in one tiny ampoule. I couldn't wait to get started with a 30 day challenge to see the improvement in my skin. And then...

A mere few days in of snapping ampoules and the world changed, suddenly everything that felt normal stopped. Life had different priorities and routines altered. Honestly, talking, writing and applying skincare and makeup felt so insignificant - my plans to write a diary about my experience became a distant idea and for a couple of weeks I washed my face and left it mainly at that, life was surreal. Slowly life came back into focus and I appreciated the normality of the moment of applying skincare, the joy of using the ampoules had been instant, the morning after the night before (a song or movie title I'm sure), my skin had such clarity that I was heaping praise to another blogger about the Peptide-C.

Each ampoule has enough product for a morning application and then evening, I soon discovered that this beauty could extend to two days application, there is plenty within that darkened glass ampoule, a white marker shows where to snap the top, just throw this away and within the carton of applicators there is a plastic lid to use over the glass.  I found dropping the product into the palm of my hand was the best method of application and then working it between palms and pressing it onto my skin, avoiding the eye area - also, wash hands after application. Quick to absorb these highly concentrated ampoules have been created to target areas of concern on the face, be it lines, dullness, dehydration, dryness - each glass phial gives an optimal does of Pure Vitamin C, a must for my skin and one of the few products that have kept my skin brighter and played a part in my skincare routine both morning and evening, Hyaluronic Acid ensuring a hydrated skin and Bio Peptides adding to the ultimate mix, providing an all-round skincare package in one tiny easy to use product, that gave me obvious results in a matter of days.

The first evening I snapped the ampoule and applied half the solution, this followed cleansing, toning and an application of my topical rosacea treatment, I pressed the product into my skin and didn't apply anything else. I am a creature of habit and like 'greasy', so, this wasn't a texture I am familiar with, however, the lesson I learnt was to stop with my 'need for the same' as the next morning my skin was gleaming, obviously gleaming - clarity be thy name, I was agog as I looked into the bathroom mirror and saw my healthy-looking and glowing face beaming back at me. It was that obvious, brighter, cleaner looking skin and smooth to the touch.

Vichy has never let me down when it comes to their skincare, I've used the Aqualia Thermal Serum religiously for years, now I have another love from the family, there are so many ampoule options out there these days, but, I find Vichy sensibly priced and when the results are there, well, I know where I'd put my skincare money.
Vichy Liftactiv Specialist Peptide-C Ampoules Anti-Age are a must, get snappy and find them here at Look Fantastic and here at Feel Unique.

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