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I bathed, a good old fashioned bath, not taken on a Sunday evening, actually not an evening at all, but mid-morning and after months of showering, I was ready to claim the calm and tranquillity of a good sluice.

Maybe it was the length of time since I had last wallowed in the precariously full bath, but, I actually let out a sigh that said it all - this was pure joy, my body eased, my joints relished the warm water and my muscles unclenched after months of stresses and angst - my whole body headed into reboot mode.
I had even made a cup of tea, got my book balanced 'Pinterest posed' on the bath rack and my head rested on the rolled towel adding more comfort to my roll-top bath.
I couldn't remember the last time a bath felt so good, from the initial drops of Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt, Body & Hand Wash hitting the running water, the scent lifted me into a tranquil space - my head relaxed, synapses lulled into a gentle warmth, no longer needed to keep active.
As I eased myself into the bath or rather dropped inelegantly due to a bad shoulder and a general Northernness of posture (like a sack of spuds), the water lapped my body and held me in a bathing cuddle that almost made me wish it was a Sunday evening before school, fresh bedding, clean Pyjamas and an electric blanket awaiting freshly bathed limbs.
I read, I drank tea and I scrubbed my body with Bodhi & Birch Rosemary Chi Himalayan Detox Salt Scrub - reviving, yet calming, my body welcomed the fragrant scent and the moisturised skin, I glistened like a mermaid.
There is only so long I can stay in a bath now, years ago I added more and more hot water and would eventually be evicted by one of my parents warning I'd look like a shrivelled prune - that is easier achieved as the years have passed and bathing isn't always necessary to get the prune look.
Out came the plug, the scented water flushed away, leaving it's glorious sweet-salty fragrance behind, the towel used as a pillow damp and equally fragrant was draped over a radiator and there the journey ends because as the grown-up,  I am the one who cleans the bathroom - the joy of jumping out of a bath and never thinking about the wet floor, the towels, the greasy residue from various potions sitting in a perfect ring around the tub are now mine to consider, no longer magically cleaned by my fabulous mum, it's my job to tidy away and clean - never do I forget how easy it was once and how soon you become more concerned with the scent of your bleach than who said what to whom in the school lunch queue.
Bathing is back on the agenda, needed more now than ever, my off switch, my time to relax and let all the angst drift away on scented bubbles.

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