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Neuroskinfeeds- NSF An introduction to The MicroOil/ad,pr,trackablelinks

 NEUROSKINFEEDS The MicroOil arrived within a golden chariot, well, a golden envelope an exciting delivery as I've spent months avoiding and declining skincare that just wouldn't help my sensitised skin. The MicroOil is certainly worthy of a vibrant postal packaging, it has a blend of ingredients that aid the integrity and improve the skins barrier function. For me, this may be my golden ticket to helping my skin. 


A whole 50ml of oil fills the amber glass bottle, dispensed from a guzzling pipette this soft golden oil slips onto the skin leaving a glowing trail and the scent of yesterday, I immediately connected with this oil through the scent, a powdery softness, slightly floral, gently sweet and familiar, the scent of baby powder. 
This is early on in trialling of the oil I can only describe how utterly beautiful it feels to work over the face, two drops of this covers the whole face and with some to spare for the neck. 
I can feel the oil blend out over my features, the warmth of my hands and the oil make for perfect partners.
Aside from the support for the skin's barrier, this oil blends together vegetable-based emollients with natural oils rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, ingredients help to moisturise and solar filters offer UVA, UVB protection.
Neuroskinfeeds have produced The MicroOil, this may finally be a product I can add to my routine and benefit my skin. 

Watch this space, more to come! - oil be seeing you later!

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