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 The Neuro Skin Feeds MicroOil was a delight from our first meeting, the scent lulled me into a sense of calm and memories of bath nights as a child, it has the warm scent of talcum powder and I love it. 

Super silky in texture, the richness of the oil is a wonder, I adored the feel on my skin and with the combination of the scent I couldn't help but feel relaxed and thoroughly moisturised - it gave a beautiful finish to my skin and worked perfectly under makeup giving a subtle glow to my look. Each drop feels like a dream, the appeal mainly of this serum was the calming properties within, my skin rarely copes with anything, so, to find a product specifically for compromised skin was wonderful. Aiding the barrier function of my skin and helping to restore that was a huge plus for me, add to that smooth, soft and protected skin, I adore this product.

The added bonus is this isn't just for the skin, ingredients within the blend aid a more settled state, less feelings of stress, fewer headaches, packed with Omega 3, this aims to care for your skin and your mind. 

With so little product needed to achieve a beautiful looking and feeling skin, I am amazed at the generous amount per bottle, a whole 50ml to keep you and your skin calm and relaxed. 

As a diagnosed sufferer of Rosacea, this doesn't stop those flare up times, they happen and they will continue to happen, but, just having my skin feel so silky smooth and that scent, well, it goes a long way to making me feel in control of something that is mostly out of my control.

Neuro Skin Feeds The MicroOil is a wonder, also, did I mention it has a pipette, well it does and that is all you need to know. A great oil, a pipette, I'm happy. 

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