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Potion Paris was quite the journey, all fragrance takes you somewhere, like short stories, you have the beginning, the middle and the end - that moment where you find 'YOUR' scent, the one that you're asked about the most, the one you spritz and immediately feel happy. Start with the sample set, this is the beginning of your story, the one where you try 'smells' on for size, floral, citrus, spicy, warm, oriental, woody, soft - a chapter for each fragrance. 

My journey with Potion Paris began with the packaging, it is often easily missed when eagerly wanting to experiment with the fragrances within, but, take a moment. The beautiful box, the name shouting from the lid, centred and gold, the pattern reminded me of a box of handkerchiefs that belonged to my godmother in the seventies, where that memory had lived all these years I have no idea, but, it pushed through and I held the box a little closer, remembering. The lid is hinged, that little detail of the ribboned corner added to the luxury and delight of the big reveal of the faux velvet interior, the tiny vials nestled within, each with such promise and a new story for each day. 

On Monday I wore Creation, this blend was sweet, slightly floral with a peppery edge - it was pleasant, not quite strong enough for me.

On Tuesday I did a lucky dip and picked Addiction, this sat with a floral edge for me, I could distinguish more woody notes, but floral lingered throughout the day - I'm just not a floral gal, lovely as it was. 

Wednesday was Devotion, not quite as floral, fruitier, but still too soft for me.

Thursday I struck the jackpot, Seduction - very sweet on my initial spritz, a lingering warmth, woody, almost powdery, very long-lasting and I loved it.

Friday was Sensation, it had a bite, I smelt patchouli and couldn't smell anything after that, I quite liked the starkness of this scent, it was sour, but it worked, not a favourite but quite the adventure wearing it. 

Saturday was Temptation - Rosey, very floral on me and a little peachy, I felt the Summer months would embrace this scent, it wasn't for me, but, pleasant. 

Sunday was Deception - a hint of jasmine, patchouli and although it made itself known, not one I would wear. 

Oddly, I didn't dislike any of The Discovery Set, they blend beautifully together, even some of the more floral leaning fragrances had character. For me, well, I love a strong fragrance, one that most people would only wear for the evening. 

I loved SEDUCTION, warm, embracing, sweet, strong and very seductive.

Once you've made that very difficult decision of your favourite, or favourites, the spicy warm choices I adored very much, then you can move onwards in your story and receive your vials of choice, each 10ml bottle will fit inside the stunning and luxurious larger vial, when you've used your vial, return it, where it will be cleaned, sanitised and reused. Return 10 vials and you'll receive 2 free 10ml refills of your choosing. 

The larger vial that holds safely the 10ml choices is a thing of beauty, truly an iconic look, very 1930s and a stunning way to make the fragrance a deliberate act, rather than a quick spritz when no one is looking, this asks to be displayed. 

Potion Paris is evocative, from the packaging for me and then onto the scent journey, even options that weren't necessarily my 'cup of tea' were enchanting to experience. With opulence on its side, this brand offers something different in the fragrance fairytale, it's more than a smell, a bottle, it's a story that you can't help turn the pages for. 

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