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Sweet Life in a palette......

It's easy to fall for everything that drifts from Charlotte Tilbury's brand, the packaging, the products, the quality and basically the knowledge that this lady knows her beauty. 
I've had a few things from the brand, skincare and colour but the palettes had tempted me so many times and having seen The Dolce Vita
palette in so many posts and YouTube videos this was 'the one' that had to be mine. 

Quad eye shadows can be a wonderful discovery or not in many cases, especially when they often feature a bizarre, stark colour you will never use. I've seen many a palette spoilt by a azure blue amongst gorgeous pinks, neon green with lovely browns - it's cruel. 
These palettes at you would expect from the world renowned make-up artist do not disappoint in the colour presentation.
The initial packaging is not expected, a plastic compact (please do a YSL and get a heavy compact for these eye lovelies) which looks less than high-end. Once opened nearly all is forgiven, the gold, the sparkle, the richness of colour choice and knowing every colour can and will be used. 
There is helpful coded section on the back of the palette and the packaging to suggest what the colours may be used for, but you can mix and match these to your own style and needs. 

I loved this palette of colour, the colours are vibrant, inviting and glorious in texture. They work easily onto the eye area, gliding smoothly over the lid and packing a pigment punch. 
Easy to create a natural look but my goodness if every there was a palette meant for smokey eyes, then this is it - smoke-tastic!

Of course there are other wonderful palettes out there and many fall in a very reasonable price bracket from the high-street drugstores. This is high-end all the way.
From working for a high-end brand and using colour day in, day out for years both on counter and for pleasure I know a good palette and consistency, this is one of the best out there. 

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