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MY ADORATION FOR CREAM EYE SHADOWS - they are the cream of the crop

Just the picture above makes me want to grab every single pot and somehow find a place for each and every colour on my lids!

My latest obsession are cream eye shadows, latest in the fact that child like I can get bored rather quickly and move on to the next best thing and then the next .... Colour for me is ever changing and offering me so many ideas that my mind wants to try them all, preferably before my face screams NO MORE!

It isn't about the brand, as long as the eyeshadow stays put and creates a gorgeous effect it's loved and welcomed to the cream eyeshadow collection, (sadly the much admired Maybelline Colour Tattoo was a brief affair, my lids and it were not compatible.)

(the Stila pot above, is actually a eye liner, too dry for that but it's a stunning shadow)

Mainly my love sits at the door of safe base shades - peach & cream tones then I eagerly dip my brush or finger into pots of browns, bronzes and purples. It's very much finger painting but with precision. 

Cream eye shadows glide onto the lids, using a brush (synthetic washes better) enables me to press the colours into place and create long lasting finish. The beauty of these is the longevity of the product, once applied they don't budge an inch, they stay where they have been placed until the cleanser is applied. 
These are perfect consistencies to use as eyeliner both above and below the eye, creating a soft focus finish, if gel liner isn't your thing. 
For oily lids (hand goes up in air), my lids have become oilier as the years have passed and using Mac Paintpot in Painterly saved my sanity and creased eye shadows. It's my eyelid primer of choice, though a gorgeous cream shadow too, which is it's proper purpose. 
Never feel restricted by a product, use it in a way that suits you best, I use the Stila Smudge Pot which is a gel liner, all over my lids - as a liner it's so dry, but pressed onto the lids, it's perfect.

I use powder shadows and have rather a number of palettes, I enjoy working with powder too, blending and creating but cream shadows just make the whole experience feel relaxed, easier and everything just melts and blends onto the lids, creating a smooth classy effect on the eyes.

Cream shadows are perfect for a quick look if you're in a hurry, they can be used to create a lasting smokey eye as precision perfect or grungy as you like, and I love using both cream and powder together which really gives intensity to a look, placing cream first onto the lid and then pressing powder over the top, this works superbly well with glitter shadows. 

Time to go looking at maybe one more to add to the collection ........... or two...... or - oh dear!


MAC - painterly (this link applies to all Mac shades)
MAC - perky
MAC - constructivist
MAC - groundwork
BOURJOIS - prune nocturne
CHANEL - illusoire 
STILA SMUDGE POT - bronze (this is an eyeliner but I use it as eyeshadow, no link available at time of writing)
BOBBI BROWN - velvet plum & beach bronze 

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