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Sunday Riley - Good Genes

Quite simply, this product is AMAZING - it deserves the praise and the capital letters. Sunday Riley produces amazing products and I was already a huge believer in the Ceramic Slip Cleanser and Juno Oil, but this............ Hello!

I must interject with laying the blame for this purchase partly at the door of a wonderful blogger  The Skincare Obsessive, who featured this on his Instagram and made me want it even more. 

Anything this expensive needs thought and I regularly research products long before I buy or often not buy in many cases. 

So, what made me buy it?

This corrective skin care product promises an immediate complexion boost, which will brighten, exfoliate, plump, stimulate and even out hyper-pigmentation. 
A great product for all skin types, especially congested skin - which I often find mine can be in the winter months (central heating has a lot to answer for). 
This serum product can be used as part of daily or evening routine and also has a super intensive masque, leave for 20 mins and remove for instant gorgeousness. 

Anything this expensive and as it turns out this good, must be packing a number of superb ingredients.

Firstly pharmaceutical grade lactic acid which plumps those fine lines and encourages skin renewal.
For brightening the skin look no further than liquorice, this also helps work wonders on pigmentation and is also an anti-inflammatory.
Also packed in are Squalene, yeast extract, Lemongrass, Arnica (which is very soothing and a great anti- inflammatory. 
This product does contain parabens but clearly states it is 99% paraben free!
It is a vegan friendly product and cruelty free. 


Immediate wow, it transformed my skin in a couple of days. The difference was noticeable and my skin is in pretty good condition but this took it up a notch. 
I could see it was brighter and certainly far more even. I do have pigmentation which also lessened. My skin felt tauter and smoother, makeup application was a joy.
The product does have quite a strong smell, which initially is over-powering but after a couple of days you're not aware of it. Also the product can sting slightly, I found particularly near the eye area it was a quick discomfort but for a second it wasn't pleasant - so keep product away from that area and any other places on the face which may be sore.
I only use one pump of product, so it's very economical and I do have a large round face.
The product smoothes easily onto the skin, it leaves no residue, just smooth feeling and brighter looking skin.
Sadly this is an expensive product, very!
If your budget allows and you want a product that works then this is for you, otherwise do ask for a sample if you are near a Space Nk store.

There are so many promises from products and there are so many products out there to try, so when results are so immediate it really is a great thing.  

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