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Ole Henriksen - CLEANSER


Just the words melting cleanser makes me sigh with pleasure, it conjures up a product that lifts all that muckment (a word my dad used for my heavy handed application of makeup in my youth) without any effort. Although flannels are a must no matter how easy you want your cleansing routine to be. 
Lets begin.......

This is a hydrating cleanser, which is great news for anyone who finds certain cleansers can leave skin feeling tight and dry.
The gel formulation transforms on the skin into a milky formula when activated by water, which can be removed either by flannel (every time) or washed off. 
Rich in Vitamin C - to help brighten the skin
Rose Hip Oil - full of Omega 3,6, 9 and 
Cherry Oils to hydrate during the cleansing process.

If you've visited my blog before you will know my squirmy-ness about gel textures, uurgh!

This is a gel product, I try not to look that closely, it is a little like smearing my morning marmalade over my face. I use a finger scoop, though the consistency generally means I use far too much and with added water it just drips from my face. 

This pleasant zesty smelling cleanser I use as a second cleanse, though it does work reasonably well as a first, I like an industrial balm cleanser for the initial cleanse. The texture of this cleanser makes it appear to move around the face rather than actually liquefying makeup and lifting it from the face. Adding water takes the hint of substantial product away totally and you are left with white water on your face. I stopped adding water and just used damp hands to blend the gel, far better results and it lifted away more of my makeup. 

I have rarely understood Ole Henriksen products, they have never improved my skin to the extreme that I wanted to repurchase any of them and never delivered the favourable results I have read and heard about, though this may be the first. 

I like the gentle texture, the zesty fragrance, the smoothness of the product and it's always a positive when a cleanser doesn't leave my face feeling dry. This would work if you're not a 'throw everything at your face' kinda person, just a subtle amount of makeup would make it a welcome addition into your routine. I like the cooling of the gel and this will certainly be welcome if we do get a summer, but.........

The problem is this falls into the 'ok' cleanser category, it works, it doesn't dry the face but it's not out standing in a Emma Hardie, Sarah Chapman way. There are many others out there that are reasonable cleansers, I am spoilt for choice. It may appear again, it may not. 

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