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Chanel Soleil - Illumination in a bottle

Do you want that glow and subtle sheen to the face without the harsh glitter and hard lines of powdered highlighter? 

Then read on.................

Ah Chanel, how I love thee, silly really, it's a name, a frosted glass bottle but quite simply this is a divine pop of illumination you are ever going to find.  It's a super size, which will take quite some time to use. 

A liquid texture, no obvious harsh stripes of powder and no glitter specks dotted all over the face, this makes highlighter a total pleasure.
Although gold in tone, it also has hints of pink, silver, which worked together give an unusual shade that works so beautifully it looks subtle and basically sheer. 
Warming on the skin without looking harsh, perfect for accentuating a tan or giving you that hint of warmth. 

I place a dot of product on the back of my hand and then using a finger tip I dot the fluid along the tops of my cheeks and any residue down my nose. Using a buffing brush or sponge I press the product away until just a sheen exists.
The colour blends completely out but leaves this glow, think Benefit High Beam without the starkness and gloop of consistency. 
The product can be used to contour, giving full warmth to the face.

Don't get me wrong, I love powdered highlighters and own several (don't ask me to count them!) but this is the most flattering I have found for me, my heavy handedness and my maturing features overfortyandproud 

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