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SUNDAY RILEY - Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Sunday Riley
Luna Sleeping Night Oil 

Bloggers and subscribers who know me well will firstly know my obsession with skin care and secondly my love of Sunday Riley. So when she launched Luna Sleeping Night Oil, I had many folk asking when I was getting it?

As yet we await it's launch in the UK (damn) - further to this last expletive, Space Nk can now make all you Uk folk happy.  
I did reply to many of the lovely social media folk out there that I would be using the vast amount of oils I already had and then would consider the oil. 
It didn't happen that way.........

Sephora and I were introduced and the rest is a basket away! 
I saw, I clicked and soon it was flying across the pond and added to my evening skin care routine. 

The Product - 

* A retinoid oil 
* Improves appearance of damaged skin
* Helps fight wrinkles
* Use before bed to achieve firmer, clearer skin
* Essential Oil complex helps soothe and calm skin
* Cold pressed avocado oil, chia and grape seed oil sink into the skin for quick      absorption, while boosting radiance.
* No parabens, sulphates, phthalates 

Pout Thoughts -

It's blue, seriously the colour is slightly startling, I am familiar with clear or wheat coloured oils but this is a lovely shade of blue!
It smells sweet and reminds me of May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon - delicious enough to eat, I haven't but the thought is there!

It has a rich feel for an oil, and the blue does give quite a tone to the face, once the blue had blended away your work is done and the product will take over from there. 
The richness is a blessing in this cold weather (UK) and as I live by the sea I like to keep my skin extra comfortable and hydrated. 
There was little to notice for the first week, I love oils so I was happy to have faith and let it do it's thing. Then one morning I could see my skin was brighter, not as grey and more awake/lifted. 

The results I have from Sunday Riley's Good Genes had certainly made a difference to the texture and brightness of my skin, which works well for me as part of my morning routine, but I needed something to nourish and give a little love to my sleeping face, this appears to be doing just that, working over time on the damage already there and helping with my future face. The appearance has altered slightly over time and since using this oil - I can see a softness, the pores are not as harsh looking and my face looks brighter and even toned. I have also noticed a small area of pigmentation has started to fade of course Good Genes has helped in so many ways also - which goes to prove Sunday Riley products do work for me. 

Returning from a recent holiday and kicking myself for not taking an oil, this was slathered on, my skin actually breathed a sigh of relief, seriously I could feel my skin applaud my efforts and forgive my neglect of not taking a product it had come to love every evening. 

As I have said I adore facial oils and believe in the long term results to the face in years to come. I have always preferred using an oil to a moisturiser and I love really treating my skin by adding a mask over an oil and leaving it over night. 

I do feel that the Sunday Riley brand and the products I use work for me and my skin and I like the results. Many oils certainly hydrate but this works a little more magic on the actual appearance as well as hydration of the face. 

I have Luna love! 

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