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My name is Rebecca and I have never self tanned, ever....
Firstly, all that exfoliating, buffing, applying, smelling like a biscuit, dirty bed sheets, orange hands, odd coloured elbows just made it sound like a disaster waiting to happen, especially for an impatient soul like myself. 
Secondly, I tan rather well with no help. Let's be clear, just because I don't go bright red and look like a lobster does not mean I haven't burnt and damaged my skin - any change in colour is damage, I know that. I am one of those folk that sees the sun and changes colour, take me on a boat and I come back a completely different shade. 
So tanning has never been my thing, until now.....

St Tropez
Gradual Tan
In Shower

This was a delight, I mean really, easy, no mess, smelt ok and although 3 minutes can feel longer than you actually think 3 minutes is - I found taking my nail varnish off was a perfect distraction. 

Pout Thoughts :

  • Easy to apply, though it's difficult to judge how much to use. 
  • Applies quickly to wet skin and blended well along the back of my arms, knees, all the difficult areas. 
  • Smelt better initially and then became biscuit like, but I like biscuits, so no grudges were held. 
  • Waiting three minutes can feel longer than you think, standing stark tanning naked is not my idea of fun and I dread to think how bad it would be on a Winter's day, brrrrr
  • I used the three minutes to take off my polish, perfect, the time passed quickly. 
  • Washes away easily and leaves no residue.
  • I have a mat for my shower so I didn't it slippery under foot, I would be cautious though, the texture is like a conditioner and I can imagine would make the floor an ice-rink. 
  • Dried off with no obvious signs of having a tanning product. 
  • As I am already quite tanned (the perk of living by the sea, i wasn't sure I would notice much of a difference, however.....
  • I did notice a warmth to my skin, more golden tone with a healthy glow, rather nice.

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