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From the heading you will have gathered that in my beauty brain, full of red lipstick and the belief that my chins are not 'that' obvious, the day I didn't apply liner I felt was worthy of a post.

Liner has always played a part in my makeup routine, even after years of practise it can still test me but I love the look and without it I never feel my makeup is complete.

So, why did I go without liner?

A lazy day at home led me to the simple makeup and see what happens decision, often these are the best makeup days, just relaxed and the look works. Anything planned can often be tortuous and never quite goes completely the way I would have liked.

How did I feel?
I really loved it, no hassle of perfecting that line. Using the By Terry Ombre Blackstar was a joy and it smudged out to give a perfect smokey line without the harshness of a precision gel line.
I even updated my various beauty media pages with the new pic (see above), I liked the natural look.
After completing 'the look' I posted my selfie as usual on my Facebook page and Instagram, asking what people thought of the look. People are very kind and liked the look but friends who know me well and my look also (it hasn't changed in decades) felt it was nice but liner was part of my finished face.
I agree, for years I have looked at my face and they are right, it does look unfinished without liner because that is what we see every day. However the rather ridiculous feeling of release when I didn't apply liner has made me determined that though this may not be a regular look, I will revisit it.

Products used for the (look no eye liner, look)

Estee Lauder - CC cream -
Kiehls - Under eye corrector -
Ysl - Foundation/BR50 -
Nars - Eyelid Primer -
Charlotte Tilbury - Retoucher/Fair2 -
Stila - eye palette -
Revlon - Mascara -
ByTerry - Ombreblackstar/13 -
Hourglass - Ambient Powder/Dim light -
Rms - Luminizer -
MUA - Velvet Blush/Chichi - no link available
Sephora - lipstick -

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