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DRAWING A LINE UNDER IT - for the love of eyeliner

The line is drawn, my favourite eye liner & brush, the story ...........................

I have previously mentioned my naked eyelids,  - check post here the eyeliner-less moment that I embraced and haven't revisited again! 

The look NO liner 'look' 

I felt so free, no pressure to get the liner on point, which often occurs with one eye (the right in my case) and then you have to face the dodgy eye, the black sheep of the family eye that flutters, flickers and spasms as soon as the eyeliner comes near and you find you've drawn hieroglyphs all over your cheek.

I do love eyeliner and often experience liner envy, those pics that you doubt can possibly be real!
I worked for years in beauty and I know many a consultant who had dodgy liner, experience counts for nothing in the world of liner, but it's so much easier to create perfection on an others eye.

As much as mascara for me is the frame around the picture, it can make the messiest smokey eye look like perfection. I do feel liner is the full stop of beauty and really finishes the eye look. It can also give you a polished look alone, just liner and red lipstick and you are ready to go.

With liner

Over many years I have played with gel, pencil, shadow, liquid and even mascara as eyeliner. I had a great love of a liquid liner from Rimmel for years, a wonderful deep brown with the perfect brush, not to thick or thin and easy to apply, it made liner a piece of cake - although a steady hand was needed. Then as the way of most things, it was discontinued (I muttered madly at this news and bought the five remaining liners from the shelf). This would give me perfect time to find a new love, I hoped.
The trauma, seriously how could eyeliner be so ridiculously problematic?, it's only makeup. I tried so many, they faded, they transferred to my brow bone, the colour bled, the applicator was too thick, too thin, too hard, too soft - oh the pain of it all.

Then a little pot and a eyeliner brush transformed my eyeliner existence - the liner came first. A small pot of black liner from Clinique, with a brush that I loathed and threw away, it stayed in place, looked great and not overly harsh I just needed better tools to apply it.
I then discovered Louise Young - I salute you LY24, I have three of these marvellous eye liner brushes, (never shall I be without) and it is the one brush that I never unfaithfully look for in another range - my eyeliner marriage is complete.

So armed with Clinique's pot of perfect liner and Louise Young's eye liner brush I have for several years enjoyed liner life.
Of course it isn't always perfect, the more rushed I am the better it is, taking my time means I add a bit here and there, then have to match it up!
I have also found that having long lashes may be great at all other times but they do get in the way of eye liner application, sticking out at angles and then catching the liner before it's dry. They also squat illegally in the area just where the perfection of the flick occurs, that left eye certainly never makes my life easy.

I apply liner most days, if it isn't quite right, I blend it slightly and give it that smokey look, it hides most mistakes and cotton buds with a little makeup remover can often tidy up a messy liner flick.

So, as the years roll by and I read that harsh black liner is a no, no for ladies over 40, I shake my head, draw an even thicker line across my lids (squishing lashes as I go) and give not a damn.

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