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Bio-Essence Hydra Tri Action Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask

This was a new product for me and rather excited I was too, firstly because it was part of the Cult Beauty & Caroline Hirons collaboration beauty box and secondly because having seen a demo - I was intrigued. 

So what has Bio-Essence Hydra Tri-Action Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Masque got to offer?

  • Brightens dull & tired skin
  • Regulates oil & moisture levels
  • Moisturises dry & rough skin
  • Refines enlarged pores

This specially formulated cream has water in oil technology which helps with hydration by forming a protective layer over the actual hydrating ingredients(Hyaluronic acid & Cranberry extract) thereby preventing moisture loss before the application to the face. Once applied the protective layer breaks away and large aqua drops form on the face. 
The large aqua droplets, made up of fine molecules allow nutrients to be absorbed into the skin.
Although this can be used as sleep mask, it can also be used as a moisturiser, just use less product but apply in the same way and pat away the droplets into the skin. 

Pout thoughts:

This silicone looking texture is extremely lightweight for such a powerful promising moisturiser. 
A normal finger scoop of product feels like far too much as it literally turns to water as it touches the skin, I loved the water droplet appearance, although trying to pat the droplets with very wet hands takes a little patience. 

I liked the feel of the product on my face, cooling when smoothed onto my skin. Seeing the droplets appear is rather magical until you realise you look either sweaty or ill. It took quite a few minutes to pat in the droplets and my skin still had a dampness about it but in a healthy glow way. 
I liked the 'glow'. 

My problem with this product is I want to like it more than I actually do, it's certainly novel, it soothes the skin on application, certainly my skin felt and looked healthy but I just can't imagine using it as a day time product on a regular basis, although promoted as a sleeping masque, it can be used for a daytime product if you wish. 
Applying foundation, primer, even spf took time as I had to wait for the product to 'dry out' otherwise it was just a mass of product glooped onto my face. Nothing looked or worked onto the skin as I like when I used this as a daily moisturiser. 
To me it was for evening but again only as a treat, the novelty lasted for quite some time but the lightness for me is as negative as it is positive, I can see my skin shining but I am not certain there are results as such, by morning I looked liked me but there wasn't a subtle glow or brightness that some of my skincare gives my skin. Having dehydrated areas I had hoped these may be sent packing by this magical sleeping masque, but there was no difference at all. 
This may be a long term matter and it will certainly last a fair while, I will continue it's use but so far after nearly two months of use I can't see it being on the 'I can't live without it' list. 

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