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Cleanser love, have I found another to add to my long list of skincare obsessive products?


This is one little beauty that arrived in the Caroline Hirons / Cult Beauty luxury skincare box. 
The distinctive packaged 9 Oil cleansing tonic from the capsule range by Sharon McGlinchey offers organic skincare to help with tired, stressed & dehydrated skin.
The small but perfectly adaptable range was developed for many skin sensitivities offering optimum efficiency and long term skincare investment. 
Having only ever tried the Gentle Cream Cleanser, which was so soft to apply but the packaging I found rather irritating until I realised that I still got ever inch of product out, then I wasn't so anti the metal casing. 

Product info:
  • great for oily/combination skin
  • can be used as a cleanser, serum or night treatment
  • ideal for tired, stressed, dehydrated or congested skin
  • anti bacterial
  • contains anti oxidants, essential oils, 
  • Camellia oil - rich in fatty acids
  • avocado oil - rich in vitamin A,B,D
  • lavender, orange, geranium and rosewood oil - help cleanse and nourish the skin

Pout thoughts:

The recommendation to apply this after cleansing and leave for two minutes and then press a muslin cloth over the top, without removing the product but as a compress really appealed. 
The scent of this essential oil filled beauty makes me sigh in a good way, I feel so relaxed when using this. Pure calm descends. 
This 3 in 1 product was for me perfect, so many options in one bottle, I cleansed, I compressed, I used a night oil and also as in place of a serum during the day and my goodness how I loved this product in every way. 
My skin is so warmed and the texture is smooth with no dryness at all, which can happen after cleansing. I love the look of my skin and certainly there is a healthy look - that glow we all search madly for. 
Certainly a highlight in my skincare routine, I actually look forward to using this and although it has a rather high price tag I would definitely revisit this product and brand time and time again. When products offer several options it makes the price and the product appeal so much more for me. 

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