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Caudalie Detox Mask

Detox, this could have me running to the hills, does it mean stopping eating cake (the very thought!)

Luckily skincare detox is as straight forward as applying a masque, either full face or the latest 'trend' alchemy - wear twenty masks on different areas of your face to deal with all the issues going on. 

But one mask has me in it's grasp and I like it Caudalie Masque Instant Detox
I'm quite partial to cake a face masque, especially one that gets down and dirty with my combination, blackhead featuring skin. A proper masque that won't strip my skin but gives it a nice going over and sends flowers after, now that's a masque!
My love a charcoal mask from Origins has long been on my list of favourites and who am I to ever doubt it's loveliness but Caudalie have produced a delicate pink hued masque that dries in no time, grabs the skin and works wonders. 

Pout Thoughts;

  • I apply a thin layer and leave for 5 - 10 minutes (see picture below for 'this is my face with masque')

  • You can remove by adding water and washing away the masque, I still like to get my cloth obsession involved and gently apply a warm cloth to soften masque and remove.
  • Skin feels super soft and squeaky clean
  • Pink Clay deep cleanses the skin
  • Grape Marc with added coffee help drain toxins - love a bit of caffeine
  • Papaya Extract works on skin texture, leaving a smooth finish and with such bright skin who notices pesky pores?

This is a hard core working masque but without any harsh skin stripping ingredients, a perfect skincare option for all. Not only does it drag toxins from the skin but for me it really soothes the skin and doesn't leave that tight feeling some masques can after removing. 

A perfect choice if like me you see results from clay based masques, great for popping on naughty spots overnight too. 
Definitely one I can't be without. 


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