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Oskia - Get Up And Glow

Have you ever coveted something so badly that when you finally get your sticky mitts on the actual thing that has been lurking on your wish list for an age you worry it may never live up to your expectations?
This is one of those moments with Oskia Get Up and Glow skin booster.

Oskia has rarely disappointed and of all the products I tried, there was only one that didn't impress me, other than that I love the results the products give my skin.
The fact that the cleansers are some of my all time favourites helps, I'm a sucker for a brand that makes my cleansing routine extra relaxing and leaves me with cleaner and brighter skin. 

The product:
  • Lightweight serum
  • Uses youth boosting nutrients (Oskia signature ingredient MSM along with swiss apple stems, butterbur and milk peptides), that work to brighten, firm and even out the complexion.
  • The serum also helps to smooth the appearance of fine lines and pesky wrinkles, protects against environmental damage and leaves skin glowing.
  • Can be used under moisturiser or alone on oily skin
  • Works over makeup to freshen appearance
  • Free from fragrance, colourants, parabens, sulphates and propylene glycol.
  • Illuminates skin tone

Pout Thoughts:

  • The word serum rarely indicates a standard texture, they can be very watery or to the extreme very sticky. This fell into the latter category, it was gloopy, sticky and very tacky. 
  • After three weeks of use, morning and evening, I think my instincts were correct, this may be a fall from grace for me and my coveted item, I really don't think I like it. Not just it doesn't work, it isn't a workable texture.
  • This doesn't work under or alone as a moisturiser on my skin, it feels tacky even after pressing into the face and I didn't like the texture to work my makeup over. There were obvious patches of this product showing through, large areas of champagne coloured serum.
  • Pressing the serum over my face to freshen up my makeup didn't work well and it sat in areas, especially where my blusher was placed. 

My one saving grace has been cutting it down to only adding as part of my evening routine, it works superbly well when mixed with or added over a facial oil, the two just work in partnership, giving my face a double helping of product with an afterglow to envy. Mixing any facial oil and then this serum really works on my skin, not only hydrating but illuminating and brightening my face. 
I am pleased I have found a way to use the product, as a costly skincare item I am hoping the results make this purchase worthwhile. 

Not sure at this time if I would purchase this Get Up and Glow again, maybe time will tell but sadly not all coveted items are as wonderful as I hope. 

Lesson learnt, I doubt it, back to the list!

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