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My love of facial oils has been lengthy, decades of adoration for something so simple but so effective, which for me has been a staple of my routine.
Imagine my joy (I am easily pleased) when this little beauty of a facial oil from Monu revealed itself in the July Look Fantastic Box. I sniffed, a bad habit of mine but I do like to get my nose in. I like facial oils that relax me, I breathe them in and expel a sigh of massive almost in the land of nod proportions. 
this is a fabulous oil, I'd do a little dance for you but it wouldn't be a pretty sight and I would shudder to take the limelight away from this well oiled beauty. 
It is super oily, not that watery offering but substantial with a tinge of green, proper good stuff, you get my drift.
My face almost sizzled (in a good way) as I applied this, it just feels so active and busy. I like to feel products are working hard and this is one that delivers. 

Having never been one to shy away from a bottle that doesn't have my skin type emblazoned across the bottle, this Fijian named oil is specifically for dry or sensitive skin types, although I suffer from neither it didn't stop me from gaining from the hydration, skin soothing properties delivered by the rosewood and patchouli. The firming aspect I wouldn't shout about, but the skin texture certainly improves.
It also has the most warming aroma, that develops when on the skin to an intense but super relaxing and all enveloping comfort blanket for the face.

Oils give me the glowing skin more than any moisturiser can ever achieve, they keep my skin in great condition and even the awkward skin times I know oils have made a huge difference for the better, I dread to think what my skin could have been like without the added bonus of a oil. They give the skin everything, absorb to treat the type but leave the glow we all search for, especially as we age and skin slows to a tortoise pace. 
I used this oil mainly as part of my evening routine, but a small amount was easily absorbed as part of my day routine. 
I particularly found this oil works very well if applied after my facial spritz and then followed with a serum, the texture of my skin was plumped and glowing. 

This is without a doubt one of the best oils I have ever used and certainly other options in Monu facial oil range I will be taking a closer look at. I would give up moisturiser in the click of finger if I was asked but oils, no, oils are skincare gold. 

*Look Fantastic Sample from July beauty box

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