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Kerastase - backwards at coming forwards hair

Hair has never been 'my thing', at the age of 7 I knew I wanted long hair but that was as much as I was prepared to commit, it would be long but no promises of flowing cared for locks. 

I have never been precious about my hair, it is not styled as such and I can not remember the last time my follicles and their host saw a proper hairdresser!
I don't use a hairdryer either, I have a smug face when I admit this, who knows why because that's out of the inability to create some crowning glory style, rather than caring about the condition of my hair. 
But I do like to shake up my hair products, not literally, I love using a mix of high end and high street, rarely from the same range. 

Having often slapped conditioner on my hair first or a mask before shampooing, I love new things applied in new ways and this duo really appealed. Rarely led by YouTuber recommendations this was a rare occasion of 'need it now' after watching Vivianna Does Makeup and her rave review of the Kerastase Resistance Therapiste Shampoo & Resistance Therapiste Conditioner.

Having home dyed my hair for years I often feel that my hair may be in need of serious therapy and these sounded like therapy in a bottle, serious hair care for over processed fine hair, lets see. 

Now to the back to front bit, which of course makes it even more interesting for me, breaking the rules. On wet hair you apply the conditioner first, I apply the jelly like texture to my hair really working the product through the roots and down, and this forms a barrier over the hair fibres preventing damage from further washing, (although you can use it after shampooing, if breaking the rules isn't your thing). The smell is hair-tastic and it softened my hair instantly, no knots or tangled webs of hair that have lain undiscovered by a hair brush. All soft, smooth and luscious, the formula repairs hair structure and restores moisture. 
The shampoo cleans the hair but doesn't strip it, the conditioner having formed a film to protect the hair.

My hair smells of great hair, you know when people have great salon smelling, expensive, throw it around as though you're in a advert hair? It smells like that, I resisted the head throwing bit (migraine inducing) but wasn't adverse to sniffing my own hair on occasion. 
Also the texture completely changed, it had body, life, soul (it's alive!), this duo are the hair equivalent of a defibrillator, (yes too many Netflix hours of watching House are taking effect). 
I have great hair, proper grown up, healthy, swishy locks that need appreciating. 
Follicle fondness has begun. 

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