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I adore Neal's Yard Remedies, everything about the packaging, the brand and they do an awesome cleanser (yes, in my book most companies are judged by their cleansers)
This Geranium and Orange Body Lotion*, was a freebie, from a magazine I think?

Since my mission is to care for my body as much as my face and not neglect it until the skin on my legs actually deposits itself over furniture (not a nice image but it was getting to that stage). I was happy to have a tube of body lotion from a brand I embrace. 

Old ladies handbags, that's my offering for you, the internal going's on in a lady over seventy five who still uses a handkerchief and wears a housecoat for cleaning - you catch my drift?
This is thick but without the stickiness of many a tube of body lotion. It certainly smooths over the skin and hydrates but the smell is overpowering, I truly felt the urge to button up my housecoat, polish my brasses and look for my lost glasses. 
For all skin types this Geranium heavy scented lotion, certainly gave my skin the hit it needed to stop my flaky skin from being the talk of the town, it isn't tacky at all and dressing after isn't a problem. 
Although the product worked I can rarely get over smells and this really is a Miss Marple product, tweed and afternoon tea without the murder!
A lovely product if you like floral. 

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