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Collection Love Illuminating Foundation - it is love of massive proportions

Isn't it funny (no I'm not about to do Elton John at his best), that good high-street products surprise us and yet high-end we expect great things without ever being surprised?
You get what you pay for doesn't always stand true and certainly not on planet beauty. 
I have discovered the most beautiful foundation that is reasonably priced and gives a finish to challenge any high-end foundation out there!

Collection Love, why they changed from Collection 2000 still baffles me? The name worked whether it's in the past or not, but I digress. 
This is the brand that produces probably one of the best quality, priced and loved concealers on the market Lasting Perfection concealer, is hardcore coverage without the price tag, so could they really do it again with a foundation, the answer for me is an over whelming yes!
  • silky foundation
  • flawless radiant coverage
  • hydrating base
  • six shades

This Illuminating foundation has the consistency of Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, lightweight, blends easily with a coverage of medium to full. I have found this is so adaptable that using a sponge, you can take it right back to light almost bb/cc coverage. 

(the perfect brush for application Sephora Pro airbrush #55)

Without being greasy in the glow sense, this glides onto the face, it doesn't accentuate pores in the least and I found the shade Warm Beige absolute perfection. The foundation shade names indicate the colour may be darker, but that's not the case, check before you buy. With a warmth of pink through this shade, it not only gave my skin life, with a natural glow, it also smoothed over imperfections without the need for any layering of foundation. 

I am completely hooked by this foundation, so much so my normal habit of rotating foundations and wearing a different one the next day has been forgotten, this is all I have used since discovering this beauty. 
As I allegedly fit into the 'mature' skin bracket, this has been perfect for my oily, to very oily to normal skin. 
Without any doubt this has been one of the best foundations I have ever used and sits high on the list elbowing many high-end bottles off and away. 
At £5.99, I know, take a minute to digest that price and then run my lovelies, run like the wind and grab yourself a bottle! 

Any over enthusiasm is totally at the writers discretion. 

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