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HOURGLASS - Lighting Edit Palette

This is one of those items that falls in the 'I don't need it but my creative, pretty things part of my brain said I must' moments. 
I have a huge liking for the Italian brand Hourglass, beautifully packaged products of sheer magical powders, lotions and lip lacquering loveliness. 
This Ambient Lighting Edit palette (which I called lightening palette throughout a recent YouTube haul video), had buy me all over it. I felt like Alice but without a rabbit checking it's pocket watch, more the my bank manager looking at my account. 
Let's take a look at this powder jewel box

One thing pictures can rarely put across is the size of a product and this was certainly smaller than I had expected, each pan of powder is a mere 1.4g of colour, the domed finish makes it look like more. 
So with 6 pans of powder what exactly does this mirrored lid case contain? 

Top row we have the ambient lighting powders in
  • Dim Light
  • Iridescent Light
  • Diffused Light

The bottom row has two ambient lighting blushers and one of the new shades of ambient lighting bronzer

  • Mood Exposure
  • Luminous Flush
  • Bronze Light

Neatly packed into this shiny casing that is so recognisable from Hourglass, you open the palette and truly have to hold back from applying every powder, blusher and the bronzer in one go. 
If you haven't used anything Hourglass the pigment of the products is hard to explain, you almost can't even load the brush as you would with other brands, it's literally showing the brush the pans of colour so because the pigment is that strong and true. The ambient powders give a subtle dusting without the caked gathering look of powder, just enough to blot those oily areas, perfect for photographs. 
The blusher is a power house of colour, serious cheek perfection is waiting within the palette, it gives colour to the face with a natural hue rather than an obvious pounding of rouge. 
The bronzer is a new venture for me and I was expecting the same pigment intensity and I got it, truly loaded, this needs the slightest hand of application, to gain a flattering warmth to the face. 

This is extravagance at it's worst (I have plenty of powder, blushers, bronzers and palettes) but this called to me.
It is annoyingly a limited edition palette, which not only means it will be gone within the blink of an eye but they also can add a few quid just for calling it limited - I worked in beauty retail, I know!
Check out Space NK or Urban Retreat in the UK and Sephora across the pond if you're interested. 

May your willpower be stronger than mine.

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