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Hylamide Photography Foundation

When a product works, I mean it actually does something noticeable, be that immediately or several months down the line, then I am always open to try more products from the brand.
Luckily I was offered an opportunity to sample the Hylamide Photography foundation.
Also any brand founder that states on his 'about me' page that The Founder Is Screwed Up, is most definitely worth a look. 

The story so far, the Hylamide brand from Deciem  (can it really achieve 10 things at once?), was a joyous find for me online, while pretending not to be looking at beauty products, I had initially plumped for the eye serum, which for a woman who loathes eye products was a strange choice. I am however always ready to try yet another promising eye product in the hope that it will work, this did and how!, so the brand certainly had my attention. 

So what did this pr sample from a brand that states Hylamide has skincare for every depth of your skin have to offer? 

  • Immediate surface correction
  • targets fine lines
  • helps skins colour imbalance
  • transparent fluid
  • fractioned silica and prismatic hue give a photo lovely finish.
  • Can be used as a primer
  • Mix with foundation
  • Blend over base
  • Or can be used alone

Now this clinically packaged selfie ready product is a skin and makeup best friend. 

With a small amount of this transparent with a hint of champagne sheen,  I was able to achieve a perfect primed base for my makeup and a glow at the same time. I have a product that does this but also makes my shudder when I pay for it, because it's not drugstore prices. This Hylamide dream has given me the same results with a fabulous cost of £18.

The science bit from the brand -

Fractionated Blurring Silica Suspension
Nano fractions of silica-based prisms create light confusion for reduced visible lines and pores immediately without looking like traditional makeup, while specifically creating a perfect backdrop to highlight facial features through the camera lens.
Prismatic Camera Hue Yellow-Red Correctors
Ultra-advanced super-fine hue correctors black out unwanted tones in real life while creating the look of angular shadows for more definition on camera.
Prismatic Gold Technology
Adds a discreet golden glow instantly for radiant, healthy-looking skin while adding a cinematic look in photographs.
Oil-Free Bio-Sugar Complex
Super-light oil-free biotechnology complex is clinically proven to offer comfortable hydration immediately with an effect that lasts 48 hours after each application.

Having featured this rather obsessively over Instagram and Twitter from it first landing on my doormat, I have had several followers go out and buy the product and everyone has loved it (phew). It gives a natural glow without that obvious shimmer, subtle but enough to make me look less grey in these Autumn months.  

This multi-tasking product can be used as you please and the quality of the product shines through (another intended pun). 
Aside from a recent foundation purchase, I have never been so obsessive or religiously applying the same product day after day after day, this I can't imagine not having as part of my routine.

It works to suit you, it can be used alone, just enough to fake that natural skin glow. Add to foundation to lift the colour and soften the finish, perfect for a medium to heavy finish that may be too much at times. It can also be used as a highlighter or pressed over the makeup to freshen the look later in the day. The lightweight texture stops it gathering, it just floats across the features and leaves the glow behind. 
Not only do you see the results in the mirror but check photographs, especially if selfies are a part of your life, this makes you camera ready.

The transparent shade works perfectly for me, it suits my routine and I love adding it to products and using it at various stages of my routine. 

The word foundation does give the wrong impression, this is not a foundation as you or I would think, no heavy coverage, layering of product but it does give the 'foundation' to perfecting a clearer base and photo ready look to your skin or makeup. 

It's a filter in a bottle, cheaper than photoshop, the real you shines through but those little imperfections are blurred away. 
Again Deciem's Hylamide has worked, it's all we can ask of a product, superb range that gives and gives at great prices. 
They want to marry function, design and authenticity in their products, they have achieved this easily, the foundation does the job it achieves its function to blurr imperfections, the design gives ease of use, carrying and delivering the right amount of product and finally it is authentic in it's pricing, product quality and results. 
Juggling many brands under the Deciem heading works for the brand, it's always something to share, new, fresh and exciting. I'm hooked on Hylamide but there is so much more tempt........

Deciem, let me count the 10 ways I love you

Now what's next on my list? 

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