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Pixi Skintreats Cleansing Balm

Pixi Skintreats is a brand that when you say the name you immediately associate it with one product, yes they of the lovely Glow Tonic, simple effective and a great price point. 
Now they have added to the skincare wardrobe and of course the cleanser caught my eye, a balm one, what more could I ask?

  • Balm to oil cleanser
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Vitamin E

In the terms of cleansers this is one of the richer textured cleansers I have ever used, and we are talking over 20 years. 
Balm to oil, this needs serious effort, proper manipulation, elbow grease, it is super strength. 
I have yet to discover the oil part of the description because for me this is a balm to 'lard' consistency, serious waterproofing that needs serious removal. 
The cleanser works, it takes a hold and pulls every inch of colour from your face, makeup is coming off, all of it. 
Skin feels super cleanser covered and then when I go in with a cloth it pulls away at product and the detritus but my goodness that cleanser is glued onto the face. It needs serious flannel attention to break down the product and rinsing the cloth leaves a lovely greasy rim around the sink.
Once removed the skin is clean but I still feel the need to go in one more time to ensure I have all the cleanser.
Smooth skin, no dryness at all and gentle but I dislike the coating this cleanser gives the skin, for me the texture doesn't appeal. 

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