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OSKIA PERFECT CLEANSER - another cleanser!!!!

Ta da, a cleanser! 
Regular readers will know my cleansing 'needs', I have my old faithfuls but I like to try and test new skincare that catches my eye. Oskia is a brand I trust and love, no I haven't liked everything, but one thing they do well are cleansers and after several repurchases of the Renaissance gel cleanser, the next step was obvious Perfect Cleanser, with a name like that it has a high mountain to climb.

I have recently introduced myself to 3 new cleansers and they have all been serious hard core textures that require time to achieve beautiful clean skin. 
This is certainly industrial in cleansing terms, it needs serious working onto the skin and more seriously it needs removing properly, no half hearted attempts, proper elbow grease, a flannel and proper pulling and removing the product from the face. 

Perfect cleanser is squeezed out of the tube kicking and screaming, it really doesn't want to come out and it takes work just to get any to work with but when you do, it's worth the effort. 

This purifying cleanser has me yearning for the evening so I can remove my makeup, I adore the texture and though it's a work out in the tube for my massage skills and removal of said cleanser, it is a cleanser I have faith in. 
I blend it over my face using dry hands, and using my fingertips press and move the product around, give the eye area a good massage, especially if like me you wear lashings of mascara. I work the cleanser until my face looks suitably mucky (as in all my makeup has become one), I then soak a flannel in fairly warm water, wring out and press over the face, wiping away the makeup devastation. 
I always repeat with the other side of the flannel, wringing out between use. 
If needed I then use a second cleanser or the same one, but I always second cleanse. 
Although a milky consistency when water is added this still needs serious removal, go back in with a fresh flannel if needed, it's worth it and certainly leaves skin, smooth, clean, soft and brighter than the brightest star in the sky (ok, I may have exaggerated but you get my drift, it's damn lovely).
Worth a look if you're a cleanser obsessive like myself and find the removal of makeup as much as fun as the applying. 

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