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Trilogy Cleansing Balm

Appropriately in my trilogy of new cleansers I ended with Make Be Gone Cleansing Balm from Trilogy (sometimes blog posts just write themselves). 
This cleanser fitted nicely in second place, behind Oskia and before Pixi Skintreats
Cleansing balms are such a variety of textures, many dissolve at a mere glance, some turn milky at the mention of water and finally there are the balms resembling goose fat, thick, waterproof and no chance of politely asking them to take their leave. They require serious showing whose boss, with flannels and elbow grease. 
Trilogy have developed the best of both, it's substantial without covering the face in a waterproof coat, it takes serious removal but it does lift every impurity without gritted teeth for half an hour. 
It does come with a cloth, which when washed (no low temperature washes in the Pout household, as near to boil washes as possible for my flannels),  is the size of a stamp and if you have a head the size of the moon, as I do, this is no help really. 

The Product:

  • Natural plant oil cleanser
  • Preservative free
  • Mango butter - soothe skin
  • Sunflower, coconut & rosehip oil - nourish, restore & hydrate skin
  • Includes cloth (see above for how not to wash the cloth!)

As with most cleansers this is applied to a dry face and worked into the skin, definitely only a small amount of the cleanser is needed to lift makeup and dissolve mascara.
Makeup is smeared in that attractive fashion all over the face and using a flannel (one of my own) this needs working well across and around the face, lifting product, go back in several times. It is more a facial by the time you have finished, but worth it for the brighter, clearer and super clean skin. 

A lovely cleanser from a reliable and popular brand, famous for their Rosehip oil, which was sadly a product that didn't work me. I have enjoyed this product and even with rosehip as an ingredient, there has been no reaction. 
Within my skincare routines this slotted easily into my evening ritual as a first cleanse, to ensure all product is removed I use an oil cleanser as my second option to ensure every trace of product and makeup is gone. 
A lovely treat for the skin from start to finish. 

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