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Clinique Colour Pop

Red lipstick - the story of my life, Rougepout indicates my life in makeup. My years as a beauty consultant left me with the nickname 'lips'. My area manager rejoiced at the Winter Colours of YSL as red lipstick inevitably featured strongly every year and 'I was perfect' to pout the heck out of the shade. 
With a vast collection of red lipsticks there are few that make a massive impression, until now........ Clinique take a bow
The lovely Glamour magazine offered Clinique freebies and this Colour Pop in the shade Cherry pop was my delight. 
This has to be one of the best lipsticks in the history of lipsticks that I have ever worn, ever!

I found this lipstick astonishing, big word but so true. I have applied so many lipsticks that have been average, nice colour, moisturising feel, fairly long lasting and then I moved onto the next, there was no particular 'wow' moment. 

My first outing with the 'we're not worthy' Clinique lipstick was the following day after receiving it. A normal day at home but who cares, I love a red lip and need no occasion, excuse or persuading to wear it. Applying it straight from the bullet, on it went, smooth, good pigment colour, no dry feeling. It was 'just' a lipstick - and that's where I was wrong, by the end of the day it was still there, never even smudged after copious amounts of coffee and sneaky biscuits. A fluke, it must be............. the story continues.....

I won't go into the horror of socialising for me but a red lip helps, it's my security blanket for many an outing, my shield against the world. Odd choice indeed when it's so noticeable but for me it's my saviour. 
Out we went, there was talking (lot's), eating (especially dessert), singing (it was a sea shanty evening, living by the sea provides great entertainment), drinking (hic, hic) and repeat, for several hours. 
The carriage returned to it's pumpkin state, the glass slippers were relinquished to the husband for carrying and home we came. 
As I unfurled my scarf I stared into the hallway looking glass and magic had indeed occurred, that marvellous bullet of coloured grease had stayed in place, no movement, no smudge - nothing. It looked as though I had just applied it. Every long lasting lipstick I have ever worn has been matte, dry and often cracked on the lips as a clay masque would on the face. 
This miracle from Clinique is smooth, soft, lightweight and stays put. With added primer to hold colour for 8 hours, this is one lipstick that's not only for Christmas. 

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