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BEE GOOD - Cleanser that gives me a buzz!

A disclaimer before I start, this post will be heavily laden with bee puns, apologies but it had to be'e' done! 

Let's see what all the buzz is about with Bee Good....

I have a fondness for bees, I ensure our garden has bee friendly plants, I have been known to ignore my husband as he's lifting heavy garden pots and in need of my help to rescue our little friends with a sugar and water concoction, off they fly, revived, my good deed done and a husband knowing he came second to bees. 
I use local honey in my tea, have a spoonful to help with my hay fever and apply neat honey to my face as a mask while soaking in the bath.

How could I not then have an interest in British Brand Bee Good, harnessing all that is good from our bees?
It's rather fitting that Bee Good was inspired by an expert bee keeper, combining the wonderful benefits of honey, proplis and beeswax. With no nasty ingredients such as silicones, parabens, SLES or SLS.

I've now found a brand that adds a little more to my hive of beauty staples, with ethically sourced bee based ingredients blended with naturally active botanical and plant oils.

I was further delighted with the offer to try the Honey and Propolis 2 - IN - 1 cleanser, my make-up was removed rather early that first evening, eager was I to try this beautifully packaged white and mint green tube of honey and propolis promise. 
The pleasure of a caring tube of cleanser never loses it's appeal with me and Propolis has for centuries cared for skin with it's natural anti-bacterial and healing properties, packed with B, C and E.  It's also a superb option for problematic skin, helping to stop the spread of bacteria skin is protected.  Can it get any better?,  the answer is yes........

Texture is never an indication of how a cleanser will perform, this in the palms of my hands was a simple 'thicker' than a body lotion texture. It blended onto the face easily and was lifting makeup from the face as I applied it. The lightly scented product relaxed me, that hint of honey sweetness lingering on my skin. 
Using this as a second cleanse I expected little, other than the remnants of makeup appearing on the flannel, however ........ this not only felt gentle on my face, soothing but the makeup it found, lifted really shocked me. Having thought all mascara was gone with my first cleanse I was surprised to see black spider like imprints onto my flannel. This honey & propolis  cleanser really gave my skin a superior clean, leaving my skin smooth, clean and never dry. 
As a rotator of cleansers I often have a change round every week, not with this, this has stayed on my bathroom shelf week in and week out. 

This continues to be a staple of my skincare routine, a welcoming treat after a day in the cold weather, it truly leaves my skin smooth, clean and never dry, worth a look and you get a cloth too - treat yourself. 

Definitely lives up to the buzz about the brand and the products. 

Check back soon for my review of the delicious lip balm from Bee Good and yes chocolate plays a part in this. 

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