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When One Mask Isn't Enough

This morning was a double mask morning, there is nothing better for my skin than a detox mask, followed by a gentler, calming and soothing mask.

Starting with the Elemental Herbology Detox Mask 

brushed over my whole face, avoiding the eye area as much as possible. This mask keeps my skin in check, I haven't been well recently and this assists in ridding my skin of toxins and keeping it regulated, when I'm unwell my skin can become irritated by products that wouldn't normally have an affect. Once dried, I soak a flannel in warn water and soak the mask from my face until clean. 

I follow any detox mask with a soothing and moisturising gentle mask, this time I chose the delightful fabric mask from Bbeauty Limited. The Jojoba soothing mask was perfect for the job. Easy to use and lightweight on the face, this ingredient packed product really is luxury. 
After twenty minutes (a great excuse to catch up with YouTube videos), I remove the mask and press the remaining product into my face. 

Ideally I leave my face after that but once the product is pressed into the skin makeup can be applied, I wouldn't use my normal oils or serums just add a little moisturiser if needed but makeup can be applied and my skin just glows. 

This something I do generally as an evening treat, but this morning my skin needed it!

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