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BODHI & BIRCH - Rosemary Chi - Reviving Body Products

How wonderful to open a box from Bodhi & Birch and reveal the delicate birds nest packing, presented with all the information you need about the products and rather ethically appropriate card about the recycling of all their packing. Every last bit may be re-used and recycled, add the made in England and no sulphates, synthetics, parabens or artificial colours or fragrances to this and this brand just gets better and better. 

Delving further reveals the beautifully boxed products,

choosing which bath & body product is for you may take some time. Inspired by the benefit of plant ingredients each offers a signature fragrance solution to what you need from the product, revive, calm, energise, refresh, vitalise, relax or sensual.

This dilemma I was saved from and *Bodhi and Birch  kindly provided me with a reviving choice of the Rosemary Chi duo set. 
There was something seasonally appropriate for me with this warming yet awakening scent of the geranium, rosemary, petigrain & cedarwood oils of the Rosemary Chi products. Which cuddle you in, envelope every inch of your body and senses. It made the cold winter mornings more bearable. 
This duo from the Reviving Range certainly awaken the senses but without the cymbal clashing of many, it's a very balanced aroma.  The woody smell of the shower gel makes a great shampoo for those days when one product needs to be multi-tasking and needs a small amount to wash the hair. Again only a small amount is required to give you a full body cleanse, no excessive soapy lather that washes off leaving nothing behind but dry skin, this blends onto the body, cleansing and moisturising equally, the smell is delicious. The aroma lingers after stepping from the shower and gives a spice to the skin which mixed well with my heavy fragrances that I douse myself in. 

I completely adore this in my bath, the smell as it bubbles with the hot water is rich, sensual and clears the senses. The foam created isn't drying or stripping on the skin and actually feels conditioning.

After all this bathing beauty fun, what can be better than to add another layer of reviving Rosemary Chi product to the skin?, this time the body lotion.

Finding a body lotion where less is more is almost unheard of, lotions are thinner, watery and generally in my experience need a vast amount to make any difference to the levels of moisture on my scaly legs (not a nice thought but let's be honest tights hide a multitude of sins). Because of my doubting of lotions I generally head to body creams. Bodhi & Birch have however performed a miracle with this Rosemary Chi lotion, not only in quality but turning my negative views to reviving positive ones. Initially my thoughts were altered after my over enthusiastic pumping of the product, it was just a dollop of normal looking, though gorgeously smelling lotion. To my horror I had far too much, far, far, far TOO much, I could have moisturised my neighbours and people passing in cars for the next hour with the amount I had decanted into the palm of my hand. 
This lotion goes on forever, (a little like a friend I had who listed all the medication she took), I found one pump (I know - one!) dealt with each arm, legs were accepting of three pumps and kindly stopped resembling a Hermes handbag within a couple of days thanks to the hydrating properties of organic shea butter, kukui nut and coconut oils. 
Damn you winter, my legs look great now and I can't show them off. 

After this experience it's needless to say that I will be investigating further products in this superb range, the great option is they can be bought as a set or singularly.  

For me this has been a revealing and reviving experience of Bodhi and Birch products, superb quality, gorgeous aroma and beautiful packaging for the all important bathroom display. 

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