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MAC - Dita Von Teese, the only red lipstick - well for now.

Red lipstick you say?, Mac you say?, - SOLD!
Let's not even pretend that red lipstick isn't my thing, from my granny looking disapprovingly down her nose and uttering under her breath about loose women and tarts, I have applied red lippy of all shades brazenly, which for a shy, anxious girl is an odd paradox.

As the years have passed, and they have! I moved from orange tones to pillar box reds and then landing nervously at YSL to work as a consultant and make-up artist I discovered blue red lipsticks, oh my, these were my coming home shade, I adored smearing coats of lipstick on, standing on counter and pouting.

There have been many brands and many lipsticks, I have never been loyal when it comes to lipstick, show me a blue/red and I'm there! 
I have many, each slightly different (that's what I like to tell myself) and then of course another arrives and I just can't look away. 
Mac have always done reds proud - Ruby Woo should have an Oscar for it's performance. 
Then they collaborated with Dita Von Teese and here is a lady who's look is perfection in every way. 
Truth be told it wasn't even the collaboration that caught my eye but a bullet so perfect in it's blue/red tone that I hardly caught my breath before dropping it into the Mac online basket. The deed was done!

Von Teese arrived, within it's shiny bullet casing proudly embellished with the red font of the lady herself,  it smelt of cake, the colour perfection and the application smooth, non drying, matte, long lasting  and for red lipstick folk, it is a must. I adore the shade that has more of a pink undertone which always works well on my lips, giving the red a stronger tone than the blue which gives it a darker hue and cuts a little through the red so no orange sneaks through. 
The added addition of Dita Von Teese etched through the bullet lifts it from the normal Mac lipstick to the higher echelons of lipstick offerings. 

Here's to my favourite red lipstick, well, for now!

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