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Desert Essence Body Wash & Body/Hand Cream

Having rushed through the hair range from Desert Essence, it was that good.  I was determined to linger and enjoy the coconut scented body products.

I soon discovered that the Coconut body wash was not only loved by me but my hubby was sneakily thinking he could use it and I wouldn't know. However it's a fragrance that clings to the body and I love that's it not too sweet which is why it is perfect as a unisex product, there is a depth of warmth giving it a strength and not the Bounty Bar flavour (not that there is anything wrong with that). 
The coconut oil and jojoba ingredients not only cleanse the skin but leave my body clean without feeling dry and stripped by product. 
The list for what isn't in the product is longer than what is but needless to say there are no laureth sulphates etc to pack the product and make it all foam and no action. 
This has been a lovely product and sadly gone too quickly, I really need to set a trap for my hubby in my bathroom. 

The Body Lotion again has the sweetness of Coconut but the warmth through the scent gives it an edge, not too sweet and a great base for any strong fragrances. The lotion itself is so rich without overloading the body and leaving a greasy residue behind. My skin was smooth to the touch and being hidden away for the winter appreciated the attempt to stave off the dry skin. 
As with any good lotion the product works equally well on the hands, the rich formula soaked in leaving my hands ready to use and not walking around waving them in the air looking as though I am awaiting them to be gloved ready for surgery. 
I've had a plethora of creams to use but this has been one of the best.

Beautiful products from a brand that prices it's products sensibly. Offers the perfect option for Vegans. Products are also wheat, gluten, paraben, sulphates, silicone, phosphates, glycol, petroleum free and no animal testing on the raw ingredients or finished product. 
Check out Desert Essence, they offer more than Coconut scented products too!!! and you can buy them in packs a great way to save money. Now how many body washes can I fit in my bathroom cabinet? *

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