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Having dared to step into the Retinol world, I was only too willing to go there again with a brand I have loved for many years Dermalogica, and their new Retinol baby, Overnight Retinol Repair

This concentrated evening treatment helps accelerate skin renewal and reduces the signs of ageing. With 0.5% pure active Retinol this not only assists in skin renewal but increases collagen production.

Packed with a power house of peptides and anti-oxidant Vitamin C, which work on pigmentation and discolouration of the skin. Add to that ingredients to reduce visible lines and improve the firmness of skin, it's certainly a useful skincare tool to have in your skincare stash. 

You can always rely on a trusted brand to go that extra mile and Dermalogica* have even added a buffer cream that can be combined with the Retinol product so it's gentler to use. You can lessen the amount of buffer cream with use to enable your skin to become familiar with the retinol. 

Overnight Retinol Repair is formulated to an advance level to ensure maximum potency of the retinol and counter acting any chances of degrading, which can happen with any highly active molecule.
The product hopes to give skin a smoother and firmer look, reduced skin discolouration and a soothing calming feel to any irritated skin. 

Although I had used retinol previously with no buffer, I did follow Dermalogica's instructions and diluted my first application of product. After applying it to my cleansed face for the evening there was nothing obvious to see or report, it certainly applied evenly with no immediate skin issues. The following morning my skin looked clear and the change of my skin care had not brought about any sudden changes. 
Over several nights I lessened the recommended three parts Buffer cream option until I was purely using the Retinol alone. As with each evening it was applied to my cleansed face, I had noticed a smoother appearance in my skin into the second week of use, that was the most noticeable difference. I had no irritation from the Retinol at all with or without the buffer cream. 
This lightweight cream is a perfect starting point for anyone wanting to try Retinol but needing a safety net, not only do you have great brand knowledge behind the product but you have a safety buffer, literally. 
It gave me smoother looking skin which with continued use improved, as this was a sample size the length of use was short. I am sure with a full sized product the skin benefits and appearance are ongoing. 

As with any new products, always do a patch test.

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*Samples, gifts and pr samples may feature, all opinions are my own.

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