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AEOS Spelt Handcream - got to hand it to them this is definitely 'spelt' correctly.

The Aeos made with love and intention version of a 'hand' maidens tale - spelt correctly! (me and my puns)

You may not appreciate hessian as I do, I can't explain it but it makes my heart flutter in a rough fabric kind of way. The delights within were a simple ceramic jar, sealed and declaring in smallish font, Aeos Enriched Spelt Hand Cream.

Not one to hang back, the seal was broken and with the lid removed the jar revealed a rich butter coloured cream that could have been mistaken for custard - such a warming yellow concoction that I felt unworthy of sticking my grubby fingers into the pot. (I do wish more companies would provide those dinky spatula's, I know we use them once maybe twice but the novelty of them is always pleasing.) 

There it sat tempting me in, I resisted and it sat at the side of my bed for several days. My history of hand care is abysmal, we are talking neglect basically. I don't wear gloves for washing crockery or gardening. I will bleach an entire bathroom and happily clean with not a glimmer of marigolds upon my hands. The worse thing of all is the lack of hand cream, don't get me wrong, I have them, displayed as if awaiting a photo for Pinterest in a dish at the side of my bed and I never use them, well rarely. 
Determined to rectify this and the obvious delicious looking-ness of this award winning Aeos spelt hand cream, I delved into the pot. The aroma that arose was dreamy, I wouldn't have been surprised if I'd open my eyes and found myself walking in a herb garden, the scent was so consuming and relaxing. The richness of the cream was butter like, warming the organic and spelt oil cream in the palm of my hands to a texture that worked into my skin, nails and cuticles it softened everything in sight, it felt a pleasure to use, a delight, everything felt soothed. 
I was particularly aware of the results on my left arm where it had been caught on the oven, the application of this cream transformed the reddened area over night, although still visible, it was calmer and the redness had eased. 

Something about the jar just calls me in and I have seen a vast improvement in the condition of my hands. They are smoother, not as prune like and abrasions are soothed quickly with this buttercup coloured potion. With pride of place on my bedside cabinet I apply every evening, I look forward to the soothing ritual. 
When the jar is empty I may just shed a tear, this has transformed my hands and my routine, I actually have one at last. 
Stunning product.

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