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Oh How I Love Thee OSKIA

Oskia have in my opinion rarely put a foot wrong with their range of products and we all have our favourites - cleansers anyone?
This rather sophisticated packaged Renaissance 360 Supreme cream, which launches in March at Cult Beauty, has been a rather lovely addition to my routine.

This vitamin enriched brightening cream is the knight in shining armour to fight the dragon that is time, environment and neglect. It's the security blanket for skin. 
Vitamins A, D, E and F stimulate cell renewal and support the much needed collagen production. With increased hydration from hyaluronic acid, shea butter, argan and sunflower oil this packs a punch. Let's not forget bio-actives giving this cream a kick by boosting collagen synthesis to improve the skins texture. 
There is a low level SPF 8 from natural mineral filters to protect the skin, you can always add a higher factor over this cream, I always use factor 50. 

For me there are only positives with this cream, gorgeous rich texture, if you prefer lotions this may be too rich.
So creamy in application, it skates across the skin and the glow after application is beautiful. My skin felt smooth, the tone was clearer and the overall appearance had a natural glow. 
Perfect to apply makeup over, I left it a few minutes but found it gave me glow that meant highlighter wasn't even needed. 
Certainly an option for you lovely skincare obsessives out there and Oskia lovers. 

Vogue certainly hit the nail on the head when they declared that Oskia was 'The best brand out of Britain'.

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